What I saw on my Hollyford Track adventure

Hollyford Track adventure
Hollyford Track adventure

Staying physically active is key to good health. The Hollyford Track adventure is so beautiful and off the beaten track that anyone who loves nature is spurred on to keep fit just by trekking this 3 – 8 day track. What is particularly exciting about the Hollyford Track is that it is a true wilderness experience in the spectacular Fiordland National Park. When you’ve got an ardent guide, the trek becomes that much more thrilling because they will provide interesting tidbits of information about the landscape and the wildlife. When you Trek through New Zealand’s Routeburn Trail, expect magnificent scenery which includes valleys, soaring mountain peaks, lakes and waterfalls. When you reach the highest point of the track, you’ll be 1,244 metres above sea level, and you’ll be treated to breathtaking views. The Hollyford Track adventure isn’t a loop track, and people can walk it in either direction. From the car-park, get ready to cross an exciting swing bridge to start the track, and if that’s how the track starts, you can bet you’re going to be blown away by the sheer awesomeness of this trail.


3 pets you can keep in a tank


Most of us love pets, choosing at some point in life to take care of, and enjoy watching over an animal. But what about keeping something in a tank? It is a small enclosed space offering a potential home for a wide variety of exotic pets. Exotic pets and small spaces go hand in hand, proper management of the tank is often all that is needed. Here are three pets suitable for a tank. Snakes: these slithery creatures are easy to keep and don’t require large spaces. Choose from a Corn snake, Scarlet, or Kenyan Sand Boa, which are all fairly small and safe to handle; as long as you don’t mind defrosting baby mice to feed. Exotic pets you can keep in a tank could also include the scorpion. Scorpions are kept by some brave people and are considered pets by them, believe it or not. However, the larger species are poisonous, so stay away from them. Last on our list is the Hermit crab. They are great pets you can keep in a tank, they aren’t poisonous, their tanks require little in the way of maintenance, and they are active; making them fun to watch. Hermit crabs need access to salt water, sand and make sure to keep more than one, as they are very social creatures.

Dog Games – Build a Special Bond with your Dog

Dog games
With our home full of pets, you could safely say that there is never a dull moment. Of course, the dogs are like our children, and are capable of getting up to all sorts of mischief. While our animals are never bored, dog games certainly keep our furry 4-legged family members happy. I always say that people who choose to keep animals have a responsibility towards them. Why have a dog in the first place, if it isn’t going to become part of the family? I love hiding treats for the dogs, and then when they here the word ‘Go!’ they dash out to be the first to find the food. Dogs are social creatures, and by taking time with dog games you develop a real bond between you and your dog. I know there are some dogs like the Husky who need games, especially when they’re a bit challenging and competitive and this needs encouraging in a positive way. Play with your dog – that way you’ll appreciate your pets that much more and they you.

I’m Welcoming a Rat to our Medley of Pets

I’ve already got a zoo-load of pets and everyone of them has got some fantastic characteristic about them. My wife doesn’t know it yet, but it looks like I might be adding a rat into the interesting mix of creatures we keep. The boy’s mother discovered the rodent and demanded he get rid of it immediately. It’ll be due into our home in a day or two and I’m doing a bit of research on rats as pets just so that I’m prepared for our new addition. One thing is for sure, the rat is going to be kept in a cage indoors. Rats are pretty much misunderstood and are far cleaner and intelligent than people give them credit for. It seems rats make brilliant pets too, so I’m looking forward to this cool addition to our animal children.

the most adorable pets

I’ve been onto the Internet to see how having a rat as a pet is going to influence our lives, and the information tells met that keeping a rat is no problem. Its just a case of cleaning out the old bedding material, adding in new dry straw and some bedding, wipe down the cage with a damp cloth, and that’s it, you’re done. People who’ve kept rats say that they really have loads of personality and because they are so clever, you can actually train them. Anyone of you kept a rat as a pet? Let me know about what you find so exceptional about your unusual pet – I’m looking forward to welcoming our new pet.


Guinea Pigs- (Cavia porcellus)

Guinea pigs hail from the the cavy family, originally from the Andes region of South America and they are becoming highly popular house pets. These furry cuties weigh a maximum of two to three pounds and prefer to live in groups. With that said two guinea pigs introduced as roomies from the very beginning can manage quite happily. If you introduce a new friend to one who has been solo, he or she may have become extremely territorial and it will take time and perhaps separate living quarters with supervised play dates. Loveable with unique personalities it is important to note their specific susceptibilities to illness and how to maintain a healthy environment. They particularly need high levels of vitamin C best served in food form, not supplemented.

There are a wide variety of breeds.

A variety of guinea pigs all cute and adorable

Owners often and should take great pride in their guinea pigs appearance. Exhibits and competitions are enjoyed across New Zealand.

Heart breaking as it may be many of these family pets wind up in the wrong hands, get lost or simply dumped to fend for themselves. Thanks to animal lovers, especially guinea pig lovers there are rescue centers if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Like any pet, before investing and taking one into your care, do as much research as possible. The guinea pig remains one of the most desirable pets and although considered exotic, your local veterinarian most likely know how to care for your loved one.

Caring for the Faithful Dog

Dogs are the most common and delightful pets. In fact more people have dogs as pets than any other animal. However they need care just like us humans. Here are a few things which will keep you dog healthy and secure.

Caring for the dog

  • Tag the Collar/ Microchip – Dogs have great sniffing powers but they get lost too. They may run somewhere and find it hard to get back on their own. It is best to have a tag on the collar with your name and address on it. You can also insert a microchip under his skin. The microchip can be inserted by veterinary doctor and it is digital way of tagging.
  • Small meals 3 times a day – You might get a suggestion to feed the dog only once a day. Well that is not normal. If you have blood hound and want it to grow fierce using it for hunting then it is the way. Normal dogs eat just like us.They need breakfast dinner and lunch.
  • Take for a walk – Dogs love to see new places and be out of home. So take him for walk regularly. He will love it.
  • Keep away from Harmful Food – Some food which is good for us humans is bad for the dog. Take for instance chocolate which has a harmful effect on the dog’s heart.
  • Groom Regularly – Dogs do not require daily bath or combing. However weekly grooming activities keeps them clean and healthy.

For more information you can read more here.

How Pets make you healthy ?

Health Benefits of Pets

It is a common feeling that fur of cats and saliva of dogs will make you sick. However we do not see the health benefits they provide us. Professionally trained dogs helping blind people walk is a common sight. But you do not need to be physically challenged to enjoy the benefits a pet can bring along. Various surveys and studies have pointed out that people with pets will live longer and are happier than ones’ with no pets.

Today I am going to discuss about dogs and the health benefits they provide. We will keep to the point. One major change that a dog brings to your life is that it changes your life style. That is the thing which gives you immense health benefits physically.

  • Increases physical activity – With a dog as a pet you cannot sit and munch potato chips always. He will make you walk him and you will walk along side. This will help increase physical activity which is beneficial for your health overall.
  • Reduces Stress – Playing with your dog can be really relaxing. You might be tensed in office with a major problem, but as soon as you come home your dog will take all the stress away. He will play and make you forget the worries.
  • A great Friend – As I already mentioned in my previous post, the dog is the man’s best friend. He will be by your side in times of need. Nobody will be able to bully you in his presence. A true friend and companion.