Guinea Pigs- (Cavia porcellus)

Guinea pigs hail from the the cavy family, originally from the Andes region of South America and they are becoming highly popular house pets. These furry cuties weigh a maximum of two to three pounds and prefer to live in groups. With that said two guinea pigs introduced as roomies from the very beginning can manage quite happily. If you introduce a new friend to one who has been solo, he or she may have become extremely territorial and it will take time and perhaps separate living quarters with supervised play dates. Loveable with unique personalities it is important to note their specific susceptibilities to illness and how to maintain a healthy environment. They particularly need high levels of vitamin C best served in food form, not supplemented.

There are a wide variety of breeds.

A variety of guinea pigs all cute and adorable

Owners often and should take great pride in their guinea pigs appearance. Exhibits and competitions are enjoyed across New Zealand.

Heart breaking as it may be many of these family pets wind up in the wrong hands, get lost or simply dumped to fend for themselves. Thanks to animal lovers, especially guinea pig lovers there are rescue centers if you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

Like any pet, before investing and taking one into your care, do as much research as possible. The guinea pig remains one of the most desirable pets and although considered exotic, your local veterinarian most likely know how to care for your loved one.


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