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I’m Welcoming a Rat to our Medley of Pets

I’ve already got a zoo-load of pets and everyone of them has got some fantastic characteristic about them. My wife doesn’t know it yet, but it looks like I might be adding a rat into the interesting mix of creatures we keep. The boy’s mother discovered the rodent and demanded he get rid of it immediately. It’ll be due into our home in a day or two and I’m doing a bit of research on rats as pets just so that I’m prepared for our new addition. One thing is for sure, the rat is going to be kept in a cage indoors. Rats are pretty much misunderstood and are far cleaner and intelligent than people give them credit for. It seems rats make brilliant pets too, so I’m looking forward to this cool addition to our animal children.

the most adorable pets

I’ve been onto the Internet to see how having a rat as a pet is going to influence our lives, and the information tells met that keeping a rat is no problem. Its just a case of cleaning out the old bedding material, adding in new dry straw and some bedding, wipe down the cage with a damp cloth, and that’s it, you’re done. People who’ve kept rats say that they really have loads of personality and because they are so clever, you can actually train them. Anyone of you kept a rat as a pet? Let me know about what you find so exceptional about your unusual pet – I’m looking forward to welcoming our new pet.



Caring for the Faithful Dog

Dogs are the most common and delightful pets. In fact more people have dogs as pets than any other animal. However they need care just like us humans. Here are a few things which will keep you dog healthy and secure.

Caring for the dog

  • Tag the Collar/ Microchip – Dogs have great sniffing powers but they get lost too. They may run somewhere and find it hard to get back on their own. It is best to have a tag on the collar with your name and address on it. You can also insert a microchip under his skin. The microchip can be inserted by veterinary doctor and it is digital way of tagging.
  • Small meals 3 times a day – You might get a suggestion to feed the dog only once a day. Well that is not normal. If you have blood hound¬†and want it to grow fierce using it for hunting then it is the way. Normal dogs eat just like us.They need breakfast dinner and lunch.
  • Take for a walk – Dogs love to see new places and be out of home. So take him for walk regularly. He will love it.
  • Keep away from Harmful Food – Some food which is good for us humans is bad for the dog. Take for instance chocolate which has a harmful effect on the dog’s heart.
  • Groom Regularly – Dogs do not require daily bath or combing. However weekly grooming activities keeps them clean and healthy.

For more information you can read more here.

Dog – A man’s best friend

Dogs are an awesome pet. They will keep you engaged, reduce your stress and also protect you. They are supposedly the best friend man can ever have.They have certain qualities that make them inseparable from us humans.

Man's Best Friend
Man’s Best Friend


  • Dogs are smart – Overall intelligence of dog is really amazing. This is evident how they hide their bone toy and how they change their expression. Remember the smart Milo from Jim Carey’s mask. Dogs that smart are real.
  • Emotional streak – Dogs are very emotional, and can sense happiness and sadness. Once I was worried about my Father’s health and my dog Jack sensed it and trailed me everywhere, until the worries slacked a bit. This is a great quality.
  • Physical protection – Dogs guard their masters with their lives. Whatever the danger may be the dog will take on itself to protect you. There has been freak incidents of dogs fighting a snake to protect its master.
  • Best of both memories – Dogs have the quality of forgetting small incidents and remembering important ones. So, it will forget that you beat him up yesterday, but will never forget if you regularly feed it. This is a quality we humans do not possess, and can learn from our pet.
  • Great motivators – Dogs will always motivate you. Whatever your mood your dog will pep up your mood. If you are out jogging, they will motivate you to do more. A great trait.
  • Always with you – Dogs unlike common friend will always be with you and will want to be with you. If you can take them to office then they will go.