Dog – A man’s best friend

Dogs are an awesome pet. They will keep you engaged, reduce your stress and also protect you. They are supposedly the best friend man can ever have.They have certain qualities that make them inseparable from us humans.

Man's Best Friend
Man’s Best Friend


  • Dogs are smart – Overall intelligence of dog is really amazing. This is evident how they hide their bone toy and how they change their expression. Remember the smart Milo from Jim Carey’s mask. Dogs that smart are real.
  • Emotional streak – Dogs are very emotional, and can sense happiness and sadness. Once I was worried about my Father’s health and my dog Jack sensed it and trailed me everywhere, until the worries slacked a bit. This is a great quality.
  • Physical protection – Dogs guard their masters with their lives. Whatever the danger may be the dog will take on itself to protect you. There has been freak incidents of dogs fighting a snake to protect its master.
  • Best of both memories – Dogs have the quality of forgetting small incidents and remembering important ones. So, it will forget that you beat him up yesterday, but will never forget if you regularly feed it. This is a quality we humans do not possess, and can learn from our pet.
  • Great motivators – Dogs will always motivate you. Whatever your mood your dog will pep up your mood. If you are out jogging, they will motivate you to do more. A great trait.
  • Always with you – Dogs unlike common friend will always be with you and will want to be with you. If you can take them to office then they will go.

Having exotic pets

As I have already mentioned, I absolutely love snakes as pets. They are a lot of fun. Maybe this is why I still sort of have a soft spot for people who wish to have exotic animals as pets (some varieties of snakes can be exotic, you know!). However, if you are not a cat, dog or a bird person and you think fish are too boring, maybe an exotic animal is just what you need! You just have to make sure that you do your research, so that you get the right animal for you, and so that you do not end up breaking any rules!

Exotic Pets New Zealand

There are a number of exotic animals that are not endangered and are perfectly legal to own. If you already know what kind of animal you wish to own, you should check and see if it is illegal for you to purchase one.You should also find out if you can actually have that animal live in your house (we do not want another Ross and Marcel moment, do we?). Once you have done this, you should look up tips on how to maintain the animal, how much it would cost to feed it the right food and whether or not there are any vets who will be able to provide your pet with the care it deserves.

Yes, owning an exotic pet might be slightly more difficult than owning a normal pet, but it is worth every bit!

Tips to Make Cats and Birds Get Along

cats and birds can get along

If you remember Tweety Bird and Sylvester, then you might think that cats and birds are natural enemies like cats and dogs. Only instead of wanting to fight, like a dog would a cat, the cat actually wants to make a tasty meal out of the bird. While this might be true in some instances, this isn’t true in my personal experience. I’ve never had a cat attack a bird or try to eat it. However, I also believed that a cat might try that, so I took time to adjust my cats and birds. Here is how I did it.


The first thing I did was to make sure I got kittens and birds, not full grown cats and birds. As a kitten, I would take my cat and put him on my lap. Then I would have my wife bring the bird over, place it on my shoulder, and I would calmly pet the cat. Being curious, of course, the cat would crawl up my arm to see the bird, but I kept the cat calm and so the bird didn’t panic. I would also feed them treats at the same time. With the cat and bird close together, I would give the cat a treat, and then the bird a treat.


This helped to bond them. I don’t know what animals think, but I imagine that my cat was thinking, “Okay. So there’s no competition here. And this is what food is, not this flying thing!” Sure, there were times when the cat would just suddenly claw and swipe at the bird, but he never tried to really attack the bird.


The bird was surprisingly always calm around the cat, even when I got multiple cats. This might not be the case for your birds, however. If your bird starts panicking, leave the bird in its cage where it feels safe, and bring your cat to see the bird. As they grow up together, they will start taking to one another. This might not always be the case, so don’t hold me to it. I just know I have never had issues in this regard.

Why Having a Snake is a Great Pet


Many people out there are deathly afraid of pets like snakes. Me, I love them. I think having a snake is one of the best pet options an animal lover can explore, and I will go through my reasons below.

First and foremost, snakes are very low maintenance. If you’re able to provide them with a warm place to live, all the rest is just regular feedings. Mice, rats, and other small feeder animals make for easy, filling meals. And while there is a dilemma for an animal lover like me, I have to realize that if snakes aren’t red these rodents, they’re probably going to escape and eat my other animals!

Another reason I love having snakes is that they provide great security. Not everyone is afraid of dogs. Alarm systems don’t deter many criminals. But if they know you have a few 12-foot pythons in the home, people think twice about entering.

Thirdly, they’re gorgeous to look at. For most of the year, when they’re not shedding, snakes are beautiful and have awesome patterns, cool skin, and they look wicked when slithering around.

The number-one reason I like snakes, however, is that somebody has to. When these snakes are born, one of two things is going to happen. They’re either born in the world, where people end up killing them out of fear. Or they’re kept in captivity in pet stores, and if people don’t buy them, they end up dead anyway. Providing a loving home for a snake is important to me. And you might do well to get a snake too.