Dog Games – Build a Special Bond with your Dog

Dog games
With our home full of pets, you could safely say that there is never a dull moment. Of course, the dogs are like our children, and are capable of getting up to all sorts of mischief. While our animals are never bored, dog games certainly keep our furry 4-legged family members happy. I always say that people who choose to keep animals have a responsibility towards them. Why have a dog in the first place, if it isn’t going to become part of the family? I love hiding treats for the dogs, and then when they here the word ‘Go!’ they dash out to be the first to find the food. Dogs are social creatures, and by taking time with dog games you develop a real bond between you and your dog. I know there are some dogs like the Husky who need games, especially when they’re a bit challenging and competitive and this needs encouraging in a positive way. Play with your dog – that way you’ll appreciate your pets that much more and they you.


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