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Caring for the Faithful Dog

Dogs are the most common and delightful pets. In fact more people have dogs as pets than any other animal. However they need care just like us humans. Here are a few things which will keep you dog healthy and secure.

Caring for the dog

  • Tag the Collar/ Microchip – Dogs have great sniffing powers but they get lost too. They may run somewhere and find it hard to get back on their own. It is best to have a tag on the collar with your name and address on it. You can also insert a microchip under his skin. The microchip can be inserted by veterinary doctor and it is digital way of tagging.
  • Small meals 3 times a day – You might get a suggestion to feed the dog only once a day. Well that is not normal. If you have blood hound¬†and want it to grow fierce using it for hunting then it is the way. Normal dogs eat just like us.They need breakfast dinner and lunch.
  • Take for a walk – Dogs love to see new places and be out of home. So take him for walk regularly. He will love it.
  • Keep away from Harmful Food – Some food which is good for us humans is bad for the dog. Take for instance chocolate which has a harmful effect on the dog’s heart.
  • Groom Regularly – Dogs do not require daily bath or combing. However weekly grooming activities keeps them clean and healthy.

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Having exotic pets

As I have already mentioned, I absolutely love snakes as pets. They are a lot of fun. Maybe this is why I still sort of have a soft spot for people who wish to have exotic animals as pets (some varieties of snakes can be exotic, you know!). However, if you are not a cat, dog or a bird person and you think fish are too boring, maybe an exotic animal is just what you need! You just have to make sure that you do your research, so that you get the right animal for you, and so that you do not end up breaking any rules!

Exotic Pets New Zealand

There are a number of exotic animals that are not endangered and are perfectly legal to own. If you already know what kind of animal you wish to own, you should check and see if it is illegal for you to purchase one.You should also find out if you can actually have that animal live in your house (we do not want another Ross and Marcel moment, do we?). Once you have done this, you should look up tips on how to maintain the animal, how much it would cost to feed it the right food and whether or not there are any vets who will be able to provide your pet with the care it deserves.

Yes, owning an exotic pet might be slightly more difficult than owning a normal pet, but it is worth every bit!