3 pets you can keep in a tank


Most of us love pets, choosing at some point in life to take care of, and enjoy watching over an animal. But what about keeping something in a tank? It is a small enclosed space offering a potential home for a wide variety of exotic pets. Exotic pets and small spaces go hand in hand, proper management of the tank is often all that is needed. Here are three pets suitable for a tank. Snakes: these slithery creatures are easy to keep and don’t require large spaces. Choose from a Corn snake, Scarlet, or Kenyan Sand Boa, which are all fairly small and safe to handle; as long as you don’t mind defrosting baby mice to feed. Exotic pets you can keep in a tank could also include the scorpion. Scorpions are kept by some brave people and are considered pets by them, believe it or not. However, the larger species are poisonous, so stay away from them. Last on our list is the Hermit crab. They are great pets you can keep in a tank, they aren’t poisonous, their tanks require little in the way of maintenance, and they are active; making them fun to watch. Hermit crabs need access to salt water, sand and make sure to keep more than one, as they are very social creatures.


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