Why Having a Snake is a Great Pet


Many people out there are deathly afraid of pets like snakes. Me, I love them. I think having a snake is one of the best pet options an animal lover can explore, and I will go through my reasons below.

First and foremost, snakes are very low maintenance. If you’re able to provide them with a warm place to live, all the rest is just regular feedings. Mice, rats, and other small feeder animals make for easy, filling meals. And while there is a dilemma for an animal lover like me, I have to realize that if snakes aren’t red these rodents, they’re probably going to escape and eat my other animals!

Another reason I love having snakes is that they provide great security. Not everyone is afraid of dogs. Alarm systems don’t deter many criminals. But if they know you have a few 12-foot pythons in the home, people think twice about entering.

Thirdly, they’re gorgeous to look at. For most of the year, when they’re not shedding, snakes are beautiful and have awesome patterns, cool skin, and they look wicked when slithering around.

The number-one reason I like snakes, however, is that somebody has to. When these snakes are born, one of two things is going to happen. They’re either born in the world, where people end up killing them out of fear. Or they’re kept in captivity in pet stores, and if people don’t buy them, they end up dead anyway. Providing a loving home for a snake is important to me. And you might do well to get a snake too.


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